refrigerator and freezer

No one wants to go grocery shopping for the same things twice

These units are for our food to make sure we dont have to run to the store every single night, truly what a blessing! But when it goes out- OH NO the grocery bill dread and fear creep in. Great news- we have you covered with our years of experience. We’ve been working with brands of all sorts and shapes including:
-General Electric
Kenmore (Made by Electrolux, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Samsung )
Bosch /Thermador
-And many more!


Now you might be thinking that’s a lot of brands to learn information about right? Well honestly you’re not wrong. We have a database of over 1000 technical sheets to help us diagnose each of these unique units. While the design may change, the fundamentals remain the same throughout all the years.

Now here’s a bit of biased information- that list above is of what we see most commonly failing in descending order. That doesn’t mean they are bad units! It just means that of the population that have those units they have been deemed worth calling a repair technician to look at as the cost of units has risen dramatically over the past decade. We only get to see the bad broken units of the most popular styles as that’s what the majority of people have, so if you purchase for example a Hisense or Haier french door refrigerator just know that they are not as popular and so repair service experience overall in the field will be harder to come by for your unit.


As for the experiences I have seen over the past few years, new models come out every year and new technology. Keeping in mind that the area we service is the greater Lake Norman area and our home-base in Huntersville NC (meaning the big box stores are selling more of these units than the competitors in this area). Starting from the most common reoccuring failures to guard yourself from or just knowing we can help in your situation:
Samsung Ice master or Ice max failure causing no ice production inside the top left of french door units. (Samsung is aware of this problem and is currently under litigation) Our local news station did a story on this here. HOWEVER I have never once in all my years of repairing and servicing Samsung refrigerators have I had to repair their sealed system for leaks or compressor failures (which is the most crucial part of the refrigerator and how it cools)
Whirlpool /Kitchenaid ice makers (mainly the style with a red light sensor referred to as the optics and emitter board) HOWEVER Whirlpool and Kitchenaid are able to state they are manufactured in the USA, in addition to supporting our work life here they have some of the best designed air flow systems to keep your groceries lasting longer and fresher!
LG linear compressors have a knack of nose diving causing no cool or inadequate cooling of the freezer section. **First sign of failure is the ice-cream and dairy melting from the freezer section** Lg has been brought to court and made a settlement which you can find here which will redirect you to file a form on LG’s website for warranty support if within 5 years of purchase here  HOWEVER I do not see any LG refrigerators failing on control boards, fans, or their defrost circuits.
General Electric refrigerators may notice complete shut down (no operation) or frost on the back panel inside the unit. While these failures are  normally resolved with a control board replacement or defrost circuit replacement the costs of repair are smaller in comparison to the other major brands but odds are higher to need the repair (Bias weighted due to how many sales are made and location of service) GE side by side units and french door refrigerators are what I normally recommend as a middle ground with low risk of high cost repairs.
Frigidaire failures are widely varying from board replacements to fans and as simple as drain cleaning but it seems to be no major recurring failures that have formed a pattern.