Microwave Woes

Linfoot Repairs to the Rescue

Microwaves are essential in our kitchens, making quick meals a breeze. But when they malfunction, panic sets in. At Linfoot Repairs, we’ve got the expertise to handle various microwave types, from combination units to drawer units produced by Sharp.

Common Microwave Issues and Solutions

The most frequent microwave problem is a faulty door switch. Sparks created during door opening can lead to high resistance, causing electronic or mechanical failures. To avoid this, always press pause or cancel before opening the door.

Safety First with Combination Units

For combination units, we use safe tools from AllDolly in California for efficient and secure removal. Handling appliances with care is crucial, considering their cost. Microwaves, with capacitors holding high voltage, should only be repaired by professionals due to safety risks.

Considerations for Replacement

Microwaves are relatively affordable to replace, starting at $290 with a one-year warranty. For over-the-range or countertop units, research replacement costs before opting for repairs. At Linfoot Repairs, we prioritize your money, even if it means recommending replacement over repairs.

Specialized Microwave Units We Handle

Our expertise extends to combination wall oven units and built-in microwaves. While rare, convection-featured microwaves over the range can cost around $2,000. Many homeowners, after discussions, opt for more budget-friendly replacements without the convection feature.

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Microwave Mishaps? Linfoot Repairs to the Rescue!

Microwaves have become indispensable in our kitchens, offering quick and convenient meal solutions. When your microwave encounters issues, the team at Linfoot Repairs is ready to provide expert solutions. From door switch malfunctions to heating problems and peculiar sounds, our skilled technicians have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair a variety of microwave issues. We understand the panic that ensues when a microwave goes out, disrupting your daily cooking routine. At Linfoot Repairs, we prioritize swift and efficient service, ensuring your microwave is back in action, popping popcorn and defrosting food in no time. Trust us for professional and reliable microwave repair services that prioritize the efficiency of your kitchen and the convenience of your daily life.

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