Laundry machines

Because no one enjoys sitting at the laundromat for hours

When your washer or dryer go out, its not time for you to! Time to sit back and watch after you call us to come take care of it for you. With our speedy resolutions for most common dryer and washers failures due to the knowledge of the common failures- we stock a lot of parts for them. Whether its a Samsung heat circuit failure or a Whirlpool with no response we have your back no matter the brand units you have.  For fast reliable repair call (704) 792-5663 now!

Are your clothes not coming out dry? The most common failure is not drying. Problems can vary from lint blockages to pushing the unit backwards and crimping the vent! Limited air flow coming from the unit means less moisture leaving the clothes wet. In addition, while you dryer may not be working to dry your clothes, is your washing machine spinning out enough of the liquid before moving to the dryer? If not it could be having a balancing problem or a drive shaft failure and nothing to do with the dryer failing. 

Get professional assistance with:
• Heating elements
• Motors
• Door switches
• Idler pulleys
• Safety Fuses
• Belts
• Drum rollers
• Temperature switches
• Timers
• Thermostats
• Water valves
• Leaks

We have experience working with washers and dryers from brands like :

•Speed Queen

Washing machines can have some pretty sneaky failures that you never know about until its too late to stop it. One of the best tips to implement to extend the life of your washing machine is to forgo any fabric softener as it creates a layer of chemical built up inside the washing machine you cant even see until it all comes apart. 
If you have a front load unit we recommend after every cycle to wipe the rubber door boot (seal) to prevent build up of mildew. Once a month remove the dispenser from front load units to clean the top of the water supply. 
Top load units have a bit more leeway when it comes to maintenance. If you own a top load unit with the agitator, to ensure you’re not wasting power while not properly cleaning try turn the agitator by hand- it should only spin the basket or base one direction while allowing it to move freely the other direction. If it spins both clockwise and counter clockwise the “agitator dogs” have failed on your unit. 

In order to clean the water dispenser on most front load washing machines there is a push tab you must push in while puling the soap tray out.  Once the soap tray is removed you can clean the interior of the jets with a small brush and a little bit of patience.  There is also on some units a drain pump filter that should be regularly cleaned and inspected to prevent damage to the drain pump. 

Drain filter housing

As a rule of thumb:

Don’t pack clothes into the washer or dryer. Leave about 7 inches at the top of the unit for front load units. We also recommend loading dirty clothes first to be subjected to the detergent and water longest to ensure the spills, stains and other unwanted things come off easily during the wash cycle. 
Over loading a dryer with either too many clothes or too wet of clothes causes extreme wear and tear on the rubber components such as drum rollers and idler pulleys. These components are used to ensure the drum spins effectively rather than bumping and hopping 

Whether its your dryer, washer, or combination unit – rest assured one call to us is all you’ll need to stop having to worry about taking your clothes down the road. Call or text now  (704) 792-5663