We all love microwaves; they cook our food faster and efficiently. It is one of the staples of the modern kitchen but when it goes out all panic breaks loose as we no longer know how to pop our popcorn or defrost our food quickly.
Here at Linfoot repairs, we know there are a lot of options when it comes to our microwaves.  Does it have an oven attached to it commonly referred to as a combination unit? Is it above the range located attached to the cabinets? Is this a drawer unit commonly produced by Sharp?
Whether it ranges from no heat conditions to no display we have you covered with our years of experience.  If your microwave starts growling at you we know how to fix it (and we have the tools to tame it).


Common failure and reason why

The most common failure for a microwave is a door switch. We like to take our food out before the timer gets to the zero second marker meaning that the heating circuit is still energized and we create little tiny sparks inside the switches which end up building up arc marks. These marks create high resistance for a normal circuit which can cause electronic failure or mechanical failures of the switches! To lessen the chances of this happening to you always press the pause or cancel button before opening the door.

Safety First!

If you have a combination unit- we have the tools to pull it out safely and with ease thanks to the lovely team at AllDolly in California. We know how expensive appliances are so we take care to move your units in the most safe way possible when trying to diagnose their problems.

Microwaves are one of the units that I do not recommend anyone try to repair without professional training. Inside of a microwave unit there is a capacitor that holds on average 2300 volts of electricity. This is enough to kill and stop anyone’s heart if handled improperly

Food for thought...

Please keep in mind that microwaves are also on the low side of costs for replacement (starting at $290) which normally also come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Most microwaves and countertop units can be replaced for the same cost if not less than a repair cost would.  At Linfoot Repairs, we want to honor your money as best as possible even if it means losing a repair sale. If you own an over the range microwave or countertop unit please do some research before thinking about having it repaired.
Our main microwave units we work on are going to be combination wall oven units or built-in microwave units. On rare occasions we see a convection featured microwave oven over the range which retails around $2,000. However after discussion with most homeowners many opt out of replacing it with a like model and instead choose to purchase a “lower grade” microwave as they never use the convection feature.